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Welcome to Don Lane's temporary city council campaign website


As you know, there is a reasonable chance that two Santa Cruz City Councilmembers (Christopher Krohn and Drew Glover) will be removed from office in March through a recall election..  In addition to the recall question, the March election ballot will include an opportunity for city voters to choose replacement city councilmembers if the recalls are approved.  Should the recalls be approved, it is extremely important that the new councilmembers are sharply focused on healing, constructive dialog and restoring a shared community vision for Santa Cruz as it faces difficult challenges.

I have decided to put myself before the community as a candidate for the shorter-term seat on the Council.  In other words, if Councilmember Krohn is recalled, I will be seeking to fill his spot for the approximately eight months that will be remaining in his term.  I hasten to add that, if I should be chosen to fill that spot, I will NOT be running for election to a full term in November.  My only interest at this point is to help the City and the community through a difficult time, bringing my experience, my ability to work with a wide range of people, my capacity to step into the job quickly and my desire to restore some sense of unity to the city and community that I have devoted much of my life to.

I want to say that I will not be advocating for the recall of Councilmembers Krohn and Glover.  I’m not clear that their performance and behavior have been egregious enough to merit the use of the recall approach.

However, I also understand why so many people are unhappy with their performance as councilmembers and I understand why there is a recall effort against those two councilmembers.  Their work has been very disappointing to me on several occasions. I believe their behavior in the performance of their public duties has been reasonably called into question and I think it’s good that voters will have a chance to vote and make a judgement about how problematic their behavior has been.   That said, I also believe they have, at times, been blamed for things that are the responsibility of more than just two individuals. I hope the debate about the recall will be measured and thoughtful and I will continue to do my best to encourage that.

If I am chosen by city voters to serve on the council for eight or nine months, I would focus most on creating collaborative solutions based on principled compromise. While I have my own views about how to make progress on affordable housing, homelessness, environmental sustainability and public safety issues, those views will typically take a back seat to the need for working toward consensus.  This is the principal reason I think it’s important for me NOT to make an endorsement on the recall ballot question.  (It's important because it is not my intention to eliminate the possibility of working collaboratively with both those opposing and those supporting the recall.)

Lastly, I’d like to ask for your involvement in and support for my effort.  Whichever way you are casting your ballot on the recall question itself, I hope you will cast your “replacement” vote for me.  I’d be honored to have your endorsement.  I’d also be happy if you’d like to help my campaign with a donation of money or a few hours of your time.  (I will be limiting my campaign to individual donations of $250 or less. I think, in a time of attempting to restore confidence in our city government, keeping the role of campaign contributions to a minimum is worthwhile.)  Of course, because this is a temporary website, I don't have any of the usual forms or donation buttons yet.  However, if you'd like to endorse or help, just shoot me an email at  I can receive a check at Don Lane for City Council 2020, 132 Van Ness Ave. Santa Cruz 95060.  (Contributions of $100 or more will be publicly reported in accordance with state law.)

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments.