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Fluffy birthday blog?

Well -- not exactly.

It’s my 65th birthday today and I have some wishes to share. Some of the wishes are light and airy… but some are as heavy as the social/political atmosphere in the United States right now.

Here we go.

I wish:

  • that everyone could get a Covid vaccine very soon (especially my mom and dad)

  • that some people who are reticent about getting the vaccine could overcome that reticence so we can reach true herd immunity and protect a lot of vulnerable people and return to something close to “normal”

  • that the next 8 days could stay under control and nobody else gets shot and that our new president and new vice president can get down to serious work on behalf of all of us

  • that some really wise people could find ways to initiate reconciliation and peacemaking in the US. (I’m as clear as anyone on who is to blame for the mess we’re in… but all my blaming and all our blaming will not get us very far. Yes, people need to be held accountable… but examples in other countries show that accountability and reconciliation are not incompatible.)

  • that the outgoing president passes the rest of his years in isolation, poverty and universal ignominy. Perhaps he would be required to watch 8 hours of video of people saying “you’re fired” to him… every day for the rest of his life. (I could probably wish for something worse for him but I’ll leave it at that.)

  • that we drastically reduce the number of guns in the US

  • that people of color experience true justice and equality in the United States -- and that white supremacy and white privilege are wiped away

  • that every human being has a place to live with at least walls and a ceiling and basic sanitation and a bit of privacy… and access to healthcare and nutritious food

  • that LeBron James would be recognized as the Greatest of All Time in basketball (I couldn’t resist… it just popped out!)

  • that ice cream would not increase my cholesterol and that I could eat as much of it as I want to without any negative consequences

  • that I could see all the people I love frequently and without risk… and see all my friends in-person and go out to lunch or dinner with them

  • that we could agree on – and implement -- profoundly serious measures to keep our planet healthy and livable

  • that I could play basketball with my geezer friends again before our bodies give out completely

  • that every kind and generous person would be recognized by those around them for their kindness and generosity

  • that all the billionaires would give away almost all of their money this year

  • that I could go to Patagonia with Mary in the relatively near future

  • that I will be able to go for walks and hikes and bike rides and camping trips with Mary and Luna for many, many years to come (and that Hans and Nancy will come with us a lot)

  • that I could actually learn to play the ukulele

  • that my memory would stop deteriorating

  • that all chocolate could be fair trade and organic

  • that my memory would stop deteriorating

  • that I could see the Northern Lights at least one time

  • that the canyon country of Southern Utah could be fully protected in perpetuity

  • that my children and grandchildren – and everyone’s children and grandchildren - experience true contentment and fulfillment in their lives

  • that I would be forgiven for all my shortcomings and errors and harms I have caused (including the people and ideas I have left off this wish list!)

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Jan 13, 2021

Did you mention anything about memory deteriorating?


Jan 13, 2021

Ken Yehi Ratzon!

Happy Birthday, Don!

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