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As you almost certainly know, I am an erratic blogger. At least I have a pretty good excuse these days. I have been working pretty close to full time as a volunteer pulling together the new local organization Housing Santa Cruz County. While I would love to go on and on here about how great the need is for this organization and the work to create more affordable housing in our communities, that is not the purpose of this particular post.

In this instance, it's a bit more selfish.

I am very excited about how well Housing Santa Cruz County is coming together and growing. We are poised for real impact in this county on affordable housing issues. We are ready to speed up efforts to reduce homelessness and reduce the housing stress (instability) on vulnerable families and individuals that live and/or work in our county.

But volunteering at this level is wearing me out. I still have a regular part time job. I'm teaching a class at UCSC. I'm serving on 3 different bodies that address different aspects of the homelessness crisis. And I'm a grandpa. (yes, I am kind of old!)

So... I am actively working with my other volunteer partners to find just the right person to become Housing SCC's Executive Director and supercharge our affordable housing advocacy efforts. Do you know an energetic leader committed to creating a more equitable community by creating more affordable housing opportunities? It's a half-time position right now and it could grow into more if things go well.

And... even if you don't know the right person for this job, you could very well be one of the right people to join our organization. So check us out here and then join! We invite you to become a part of the movement for affordable housing and the central role it plays in creating a more equitable community.

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