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This post is BIG and short

Whew… I think the election really is behind us.

Along with looking forward to changes at the national level, I have been working with a great team of Santa Cruz County housing advocates to build a new organization.

This post is quite simply an unadorned appeal for you, gentle reader, to join that new organization.

As you know, housing affordability is one of the most challenging and persistent problems our community faces. And it’s not going to take care of itself magically. It is going to take hundreds and thousands of local folks working together to address one of the most important social justice and public health issues of our time. Of course, we can’t solve the problem simply by local action. Conversely, if we don’t take serious steps locally, we will get nowhere.

So… I’m asking you to join our new organization: Housing Santa Cruz County. (Very creative name, I know. But think of “housing” as both a noun and a verb—then it’s slightly more clever!)

Housing Santa Cruz County will mainly be doing three things:

- Advocating in the public arena

- Holding elected officials accountable for housing results (while helping them get those results)

- Providing educational and community engagement opportunities for local residents and local organizations

If you’d like to join simply click HERE.

If you’d like to learn more, visit the Housing Santa Cruz County website.

In closing... here’s a cliché: This is important!

Here’s another thought: sometimes clichés are spot on! Please join us.

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