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Welcome to: Something Stupid in Santa Cruz

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

Several years ago, when I was getting to run for a local elected office, I asked my best buddy (JHB) to help me with my campaign in some way. He agreed to be my “advisor” and he offered just one piece of advice for the entire campaign: “Don’t Say Something Stupid”

Though I didn’t always succeed in adhering to his advice, I did reasonably well and it led to two successful campaigns and two (arguably) productive terms on our local city council.

A couple of years have passed since I retired from public office yet I have, out of habit, maintained a quite measured approach to commenting on public issues. And, as an active citizen, I do periodically comment in public forums – in speaking engagements, at public meetings, in letters to the editor, in online posts, etc.

With the advent of this new blog, I will be changing my tune a bit. I think Santa Cruz politics could use some additional scrutiny and critical commentary. I don’t plan on being intentionally stupid but I’m not going to be quite so careful -- and I might say something stupid once in a while. (Perhaps even more often?)

There’s one other reason for calling this blog “Something Stupid.” There are a lot of stupid things going on and a lot of stupid things being said and written. These will be the fuel for this blog. So... go ahead and say or do something stupid in relation to Santa Cruz community politics and community issues and give me a chance to write about it.

In attempt to maintain a decent level of civility, I will try to stay with this concept as I write: No stupid people... just stupid words and deeds.

[PS - I've been writing this blog for about 10 days but finally made it live on line on

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