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Is “Stupid” getting old? Blog changes ahead.

Dear friends

I’ve been blogging in my “something stupid” blog for a couple of months and having a pretty good experience. I like writing about this stuff. A decent number of people are reading what I write. And I’m getting a least a bit of positive feedback. But I might have done something stupid as I got started... I got locked into the “stupid” framework for my writing and I think it might be getting a bit old.

Another possible error I made was using a free website to post with. I heard from a few people that this free website’s address looks a bit fishy and has discouraged some from clicking through to read the posts.

So... today I’m making a couple of changes:

- while I will still write about things I perceive as kind of stupid going on around here, I won’t always get so caught up in the language of stupid. (I’ll probably do it once in a while but not regularly.)

- I’ve switched over to my own web domain and the name is (very creative, I know!) But the name is simple and I really am trying to be more org.anized.

I hope you’ll keep reading from time to time and offer feedback... and share things you like with others. Thanks!

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